The Uses of Gmail Account | What are the benefits of, Contacts and Calendar?

I guess no one is there now in this competition world without knowing Gmail. is the most famous email services and very user friendly than any other. Gmail makes the task easy whether it is mailing, chatting, creating folders, changing setting, security purpose etc. Come let us see more about Gmail and Uses of Gmail Account.
There are few ways that you can use your Gmail. They are Emailing, Chatting, Manage your emails, Manage your contacts and Security. Let us see them in detail.


Sending emails is one of the most useful thing in Through emails you can convey you message to other very easily. For this you need to do is just click on "Compose Mail" Then you will be taken to a page to start your mail. Here compose your mail with your message and you can also use the option below compose box if necessary. Once you composed your mail you click on "Send" Button. Within seconds your mail will reach the person you wanted to send the mail.


Instead of mailing every single message you can make a conversation with any one you ant through chat. In chat you will be displayed the list of your contacts. From that you can select the contact with whom you want to start a conversation. You can use this not only professional wise but also personally. You can use this chat option to be in contact with your friends. Also you can create groups and chat with each other in that group with you just talking to single person. This group chat is used by many people these days as it save time.

Manage Your Emails:

You can manage your emails very easily in Gmail. You can categories your emails according to your priorities and then set them into folders. Here you can find default categories like Important, Mark as read or unread, Mark as Star, Sent mails, Drafts, spam etc. Unlike this you can personally create folders according to your choice and maintain your emails. This is the very flexible feature in we can say.
Gmail Uses

Manage Your Contacts:

Here in Gmail you can manage your contact and create some list according to your taste again. Depending on your priority and mode of your job you can create the lists. By doing this you can just simply add the desired group to your mailing list when ever required.


Security purpose also gmail is very good. You can make the security settings as you like. For safe login you can use 2-step verification and login to your account. With this option you will receive an OTP when ever you login to your account from an unknown PC. Then you need to enter this code so that you see your home page. You can put this option for your main PC if some others also uses your PC or Laptop.
The above are the uses of Hope you liked this information and for more information stay tuned and we will be soon uploading some more information regarding the Uses of Gmail Account.


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