The Uses of Gmail Account | What are the benefits of, Contacts and Calendar?

I guess no one is there now in this competition world without knowing Gmail. is the most famous email services and very user friendly than any other. Gmail makes the task easy whether it is mailing, chatting, creating folders, changing setting, security purpose etc. Come let us see more about Gmail and Uses of Gmail Account.
There are few ways that you can use your Gmail. They are Emailing, Chatting, Manage your emails, Manage your contacts and Security. Let us see them in detail.


Sending emails is one of the most useful thing in Through emails you can convey you message to other very easily. For this you need to do is just click on "Compose Mail" Then you will be taken to a page to start your mail. Here compose your mail with your message and you can also use the option below compose box if necessary. Once you composed your mail you click on "Send" Button. Within seconds your mail will reach the person you wanted to send the mail.


Instead of mailing every single message you can make a conversation with any one you ant through chat. In chat you will be displayed the list of your contacts. From that you can select the contact with whom you want to start a conversation. You can use this not only professional wise but also personally. You can use this chat option to be in contact with your friends. Also you can create groups and chat with each other in that group with you just talking to single person. This group chat is used by many people these days as it save time.

Manage Your Emails:

You can manage your emails very easily in Gmail. You can categories your emails according to your priorities and then set them into folders. Here you can find default categories like Important, Mark as read or unread, Mark as Star, Sent mails, Drafts, spam etc. Unlike this you can personally create folders according to your choice and maintain your emails. This is the very flexible feature in we can say.
Gmail Uses

Manage Your Contacts:

Here in Gmail you can manage your contact and create some list according to your taste again. Depending on your priority and mode of your job you can create the lists. By doing this you can just simply add the desired group to your mailing list when ever required.


Security purpose also gmail is very good. You can make the security settings as you like. For safe login you can use 2-step verification and login to your account. With this option you will receive an OTP when ever you login to your account from an unknown PC. Then you need to enter this code so that you see your home page. You can put this option for your main PC if some others also uses your PC or Laptop.
The above are the uses of Hope you liked this information and for more information stay tuned and we will be soon uploading some more information regarding the Uses of Gmail Account.

Gmail Sign in Vs Outlook Sign in - Which One is Better?

Gmail Sign in Vs Outlook Sign in- Now before we start to compare among both these awesome Email service, we should take a brief look into the Gmail as well as Outlook. Gmail and Outlook are the world most popular Email service which has more than a billion users throughout the world. Both Gmail and shares the same system of email service, but they differ a lot in the features they have. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the uniqueness of both the email service which will let you know more clearly. is the oldest and yet the most preferred email service on the internet created by Google. Whereas is recently developed by the Microsoft company for connecting the users with the social media as well as the online office. There is lots more email service company such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc. but all of them became inferior compared to this two- Gmail and

What the differ between Gmail Sign in Vs Outlook Sign in:

When it comes to comparing between the two great Email service provider, Gmail vs Outlook, it's always the features are taken into consideration. But as we all knows, Gmail is much simpler to use and even while creating the new account for Gmail is much easier than Outlook. In the other hand, when you are trying to open an account on Outlook, you first have to sign in to the Microsoft account and later proceed to sign in to If you are unable to login to your Gmail Account then read my previous Gmail Sign in Problems article.

Some of the Best and Unique Features of Gmail Against

Let us discuss the importance of Gmail upon
  1. Gmail Inbox- The inbox of the Gmail is much precise compared to In Outlook the folders appear to be very not expressive whereas the Gmail inbox contains a label that can make the message more readable showing the subject of the message.
  2. Filter- These features allow you to sort the message into social, general and even spams. This facilitates the user to get into the categorized option where he or she wants to check in their message.
  3. Star the Mail- If you have some the message you can star the message and mark as a reminder to read them later.
  4. Spams- This is a special security basis features that allow you to get the unwanted emails to prevent and get stored in different folders. From there you can either read or even delete permanently to prevent any spams.
  5. Easy to Recover Password- When you forgot the password, you will have lots of option for recovering the Gmail password back. The options are like- Phone number recovery, answer the Questions to recover the password or even Email recovery. In either one of this option, your forgotten password can be easily recovered.
  6. Search your Mail- There is a search tool provided in the Gmail account out of which you can easily get the mail you are looking for. So just type the name of the file or mail, and get the list result instantly
  7. Single Account- a single account is perfectly enough to sign in all the site of Google like YouTube, Google Maps, Google play store and many other Google site. So Gmail is all rounder for providing the best Email Id that can be used to sign in at different sites.
Gmail Sign in Vs Outlook Sign in

Some of the best and unique features of against Gmail

  Although Gmail has taken all the attraction from many of the users, here we also have some of the important features that make Outlook unique. And due to this features, also have become the biggest Email service provider in the internet world. And the features are like- 
  1. Sign in with temporary password- Forgot Password? No worries; simply use your Email and your phone number to open your Account. Once submitted, you will receive the temporary password that is valid for only first use.
  2. Recover your deleted email: If you have deleted any email but then if you delete the important mail can cause you a big problem. But using recovering the mail is very simple; on the option below you will find the features Deleted. This deleted is the source or store bag for any deleted files in the Outlook inbox. This functions just like that of Recycle Bin in the Windows PC.
  3. Create Temporary Email Address- Using you can also create a temporary email address. This temporary email address allows to share in the public and later can delete and create a new one. Thus this facilities will help you to hide your identity to any strangers. For creating the temporary email address, you have to type the name of desired email address and then click on the Create an Alias.
  4. Block Any Message From Unwanted People: There are certain annoying people or website sending you useless messages, so now you can get rid of it. To block the specific Email address all you have to do is, open any message from that whom you want to block and from the option select the Safe and Block the sender. This changes that you make can easily allow you to blog the sender permanently from receiving future messages.
  5. Send Large File- Now if you have to send large documents to the office or school or any sector, Outlook will provide you space up to 25Mb to send via emails. Whereas in Gmail, sending large files or data is prohibited. This can happen with the Outlook is because they are integrated with the Skydrive of Microsoft. Gmail Signup Guide
  6. Unlimited Storage- Unlike Gmail, Outlook allows you to store unlimited space for recording your message or mail in the Whereas Gmail offers only 15 GB of total storage space.
  7. Sort by Space- Another unique feature that Gmail do not have is sorting or arranging the file with the help of file size. Now sorting out such large space and you can easily delete those can let you save more space in your account.
  8. Connect to Social Media- now you can connect to social media like or share via Twiter, Facebook, etc. all you can do it in


So these are the complete details for which the differs from They are both completely different in their features but performing the same function that is to send or receive emails. And this is also very important to have both the email service which have to make our life easier.

Gmail Sign in Problems | Google Account Recovery Form & Phone Number Gmail is most important these days. Some of us completely depend on Gmail for communicating with others either personally or professionally. For both, the things losing your account has been a big problem to solve. Hence here we have provided some small information regarding this recovery. However, there google help center for everything. You can even find the solution by contacting the help center and following the steps given by them. Learn how to find out Gmail Sign in Problems below.
Google Help Center is a place where you can get a solution for any login issues starting from Forgot password to network connection difficulties. Every problem that occurs more or less is included in this list of the sign in problems. But before that, you need be clear with some things. Let us see what are those things you need to see first and confirm that you are having a problem with login. Check Gmail Sign in Problems below.

Things to Check for Gmail Sign in Problems:

Gmail Sign in Problems

Firstly check whether you have "Caps Lock" on or off. In, if Capslock is on you cannot login your account. A second thing you need to check is whether you have entered your Gmail address properly or not. That means check your "username". Check if someone else is using your id and have changed your password.
If any of the above problems are noticed click on the link below login box "Can`t access your account?" When you click the link you will be taken to another page where you will find multiple options to back you to work on Gmail.
Here when you open the link you will find I forgot my password, I think someone else is using my account, I forgot my username, I know my username and password but I can`t sign in, I can't reset my password via SMS, i use a google Apps account, I`m having trouble with 2-step verification, Gmail is slow unresponsive and not loading, Another error or problem

I Forgot My Password:

Here you will be directed to Password Assistance Page where you need to enter your id and other required details. Then write the words in the picture shown there to prove you are not a Robot.

I Forgot My Username:

Even if you forget Gmail account username there is an option for you to reset the username. You can reset your account by giving a recovery email address and recovery phone number. Then enter words in the picture and submit.

I Can't Reset My Password via SMS:

At starting when you give a phone number to your account it is linked to your Gmail account. Whenever you face sign in the problem you can use this and solve the problem. Google will send an SMS on your phone to reset your account.
I`m having Trouble with 2-step Verification:
Sometimes 2-Step verification doesn`t work. So always be careful while you activate it. See whether you have put all the required option turn on. Only then you can receive SMS through 2-Step Verification.

Another Error or Problem:

There are some problems that are frequently seen when you log in your account apart from the regular problems you face. "Bad Request: Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request" "Oops" (602, 500, 102, 009, 103, …)" "Account Lockdown: Unusual Activity" I'm locked out after using POP or IMAP" "Certificate error" "We're sorry..." (error 403) Other error.

For every single problem, you will be given different solutions. When you click on the option that which your facing problem with login you will be redirected to a page. Here you will be given some questions just you need to answer "Yes or No". So that Google Help Center will provide you some simple steps. Follow those Gmail Sign in Problems steps and Finally, you can Get back to your Gmail Account.

Delete Gmail Account | How to Deactive Gmail From Phone Permanently Without Password? Gmail account is linked up with my other services that are provided by google. Deleting Gmail account includes all these things to delete.Google services like Google Play, Google Drive, Calendar, Blogger, YoTube, Picasa etc. Sometimes you can just delete your Gmail account and keep other services. For this, you need follow some simple steps and delete your Gmail account.

As there are many services linked up with Gmail account sometimes you need to backup the data from Gmail account. If you backup the data from your account you may not regret later. Once you delete your account you cannot always restore it. Sometimes there is an option to restore the data within 90 days of a period. Before this period you can get back your account.

How to Delete Gmail Account at

To backup, the account here are some simple steps to follow them and keep them safe for further use.
  • Backup your Gmail Account:
  • First login to your account with the Gmail id you want to Delete your account.
  • Now go to right side corner icon and click on it to see other option. Here you find Account Settings. Click on it.
  • Now a new page will open where you can find account tools, under this, you find "Download Data".
  • In the next page select the Google products to backup and remove the products you don`t need.
  • After you finish the selection click on "Next Button" which is seen at the bottom of the page.
  • In the next page select the "File Type" in which you want the files to download. Then click on "Creative Archive".
  • Now finally you successfully made a backup of your Gmail account.

Steps to Delete Gmail Account at

  • First login to your account with the Gmail id that you have already made the backup and set for deleting.
  • Click on accounts at the right side corner and products in the new page that appeared in front of you.
  • Here on the next page, you will find "Edit" that just beside Your Products.
  • Now in the next page select "Remove Gmail Permanently".
  • Read the page completely and provide information that is being asked on this page. After that click on "Remove Account" below.
  • In the next page select the Google services which you want to delete and click on check boxes to confirm your account deletion. Then click on "Delete Google Account".
Deleting Gmail account is sometimes a big task when you have multiple accounts. If you want to delete one account among many that are really confusing. This confusion can create many problems. So be careful while you delete your Gmail account. Not only this if just wanna delete Gmail account and not other services that are related to the same account should be done very carefully. 


So first always read the instructions properly on every screen that you see in the process of deleting an account. On every screen, you will be clearly mentioned what to do next and what information Google need to delete your account. When you provide proper information then you can Delete Gmail Account very easily at Once the process is completed you cannot login to your account further. In few days from your last login, your account will be de-activated by Google.